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Total quality approach in sourcing, quality inspections and laboratory testing

Most Enterprise Inc provides our  TOTAL QUALITY APPROACH (TQA) in sourcing, quality audits, quality inspections & quality assurance audits, and laboratory testing.

In an effort to save you and your company from unnecessary issues, here is a list of how we help safeguard your business.

  • Plan. First we must determine the problem, then identify possible reasons for that problem, and finally evaluate possible alternative problems and their reasons thought cause/effect analysis.
  • Do. Now we need to implement the plan. We involve a team in the implementation and start the improvement process.
  • Check. During and after the implementation we gather information on the observed effects of the problem. Our goal here is to find out what improvement solutions were successful.
  • Action. At the final step, we ensure that the improvement process has been implemented so the problem is successfully solved and the product quality is improved.

Most Enterprise Inc analyses, and product samples from manufacturers before you make critical factory sourcing decisions. We are able to visit every factory that we work with to ensure that your company and product are on track for successful manufacturing.